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About Our Company

Founded in 1980, Palm Perfusion was always owned, managed and operated by perfusionists. We employ the highest quality, board-certified clinicians for quality service. Patient outcome, focused with the determination to continually improve is a top priority for us.

At Palm Perfusion, we adhere to Joint Commission standards. We have a high employee retention rate, with dedicated clinicians to each hospital.

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We have advanced clinical instructors for Vanderbilt University’s School of Perfusion. Many of our clinicians hold board positions on hospital committees, as well as, state legislative committees. 

We are regionally located in TN, AL, & FL.

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Solutions Overview

At Palm Perfusion, we have a low employee turnover rate, which proves how well we work as a team.
We are also proactive with our supply inventory, and it is a rarity for us not to locate and deliver any product that you or your team may request. At Palm Perfusion, our billing department works efficiently and tailors invoices and statements to meet your needs.
When you partner with us, you get a complete package of services. Also, our quality control team uses the latest in electronic charting and data tracking to provide quarterly reports. It will allow you to see the quality improvement and show how you rank among similar hospitals, across the country.
All quality control data is calculated by a trusted third-party vendor and uses all Hippa Compliant Modalities. Palm Perfusion performs at a high level of professional care, defined as consistent validation of findings through peer review of rendered services. 

Additionally, we maintain an active quality assurance review and quality improvement program, which will report its activity to appropriate hospital individuals and committees.

What We Offer

Palm Perfusion, PLLC offers a wide range of perfusion and blood management services.

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